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A matching platform between candidates and companies which aims to achieve value creation around specific business projects, relying on the talents’ potential and their appetite to make more than on their technical skills, responding to the companies’ desire to innovate and their interest in finding a quick, simple and economical solution. All this thanks to an automated matching system that leverages the AI technology allowing for an instant match, depending on the project requirements.
We want to change the traditional way companies recruit and collaborate with candidates by helping rediscover the importance of people’s natural talent and potential that can be injected in projects that will make both the candidate and the company grow for the better, increasing the end value. At TungXten we have come up with a solution organized as an eco-system composed by COMPANIES, CANDIDATES and partnerships with all the entities around them like UNIVERSITIES, SCHOOLS, ORPs to facilitate the transition towards a dream job. On one side we allow companies to find quick, economical and relevant solutions, making it easier to recruit someone if needed, and on the other side the candidates can express their natural talent, making their soft skills prevail over their technical ones.
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Data science and Machine learning
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